New CRM software helps life sciences companies manage complex customer hierarchies

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Pharmaceutical sales and marketing firm Beghou Consulting recently released a new software tool to help companies better understand and track their customers’ affiliations with group practices, hospitals, clinics, hospital networks, integrated delivery networks and group purchasing organizations. With Mainsail™ Affiliations Manager, commercial teams can easily identify purchasing decision-makers, more effectively target customers, and propose appropriate contracts and pricing.

“As provider networks grow increasingly complicated and group purchasing organizations expand, the manual processes many companies still use hold them back in their efforts to keep track of affiliations,” said Steve Trokenheim, a partner at Beghou Consulting. “Sales teams end up referencing outdated information and targeting the wrong customers or providing inaccurate pricing discounts. Affiliations Manager provides a platform for companies to easily leverage their sales force’s detailed knowledge to compile and update affiliations data, realize the potential value of various customers and form a comprehensive market perspective.”

Affiliations Manager is built on Mainsail™, Beghou’s configurable, cloud-based platform for customer management, sales reporting, account planning, and more. In the new platform, life sciences commercial teams can easily reference and update customers’ affiliation information. The intuitive solution enables the sales force to record and share qualitative information that can be difficult to find using third-party data sources. This qualitative information includes a customer’s relationship with a corporate parent, hospital network or group purchasing organization, as well as the extent of an organization’s or individual’s influence in purchasing decisions. Users can view this data in the platform alongside important sales and competitor information.          

“Affiliations Manager enables us to harness information from our most valuable resource, our sales force. We use it to understand the connectivity across individual accounts that aggregate into hospital networks or purchasing coalitions,” said Kristen Erekson, senior director of business analytics and reporting at specialty pharmaceutical company Tolmar. “Using Affiliations Manager allows this information to be captured in an organized way and quickly integrated into our customer master.”

To learn more about the Mainsail Affiliations Manager or request a demonstration, visit             

About Mainsail™ 
Mainsail™ is Beghou Consulting’s proprietary, cloud-based application platform that allows organizations to efficiently collect, organize and deliver commercial data. The configurable software as a service solution offers sales teams the ability to input, organize and analyze key information, such as customer profiles, sales data and strategy plans. Commercial operations teams can use Mainsail to execute a wide mix of activities, including customer and affiliations management, customer targeting, sales and incentive compensation reporting, customer relationship management, and roster management. To learn more, visit

About Beghou Consulting 
Founded in 1993, Beghou Consulting specializes in helping life sciences companies – especially emerging pharma companies – establish and manage commercial operations to better market and sell therapies. Deploying advanced analytics and proprietary technology, Beghou consultants have provided strategic counsel to the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, supporting some since infancy. Headquartered in Evanston, Ill., the firm has six offices and employs more than 150 professionals around the world. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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