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Rohit Gupta on the role of the medical science liaison

COVID-19 has kept medical science liaisons grounded for more than a year. In response, they’ve been busy mastering the art of the digital connection to continue delivering crucial scientific information to healthcare practitioners and key opinion leaders. In PharmaVOICE, Rohit Gupta discusses the changing role of medical science liaisons as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Erik Cruz and Piotr Kula on the future of data privacy and portability

As new legislation and regulations improve data privacy and increase data portability, patients will have the ability to compile data across doctors, pharmacies and health apps into a personal health portal. In PM360, Erik Cruz and Piotr Kula how this change to the data landscape offers biopharma companies the opportunity to improve insights into patient treatment journeys and boost access to life-saving therapies.
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Erik Cruz, Kevin Frymire and Dan Schulman on the expanding definition of a sales “call”

A sales “call” doesn’t mean what it used to and now extends well beyond a face-to-face meeting. Hence, drug manufacturers should think in terms of “touchpoints” instead of traditional “calls.” In Pharmaceutical Commerce, Erik Cruz, Kevin Frymire and Dan Schulman describe how biopharma companies can account for pandemic-driven changes in HCP engagement and improve sales force design and customer targeting efforts.
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Kevin Frymire, Dan Schulman and David Laros on Launch Agility

As biopharma companies eye product launches in a commercial environment that has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, they must adjust their launch preparations to account for a more complex, fragmented and dynamic landscape. In Pharmaceutical Executive, Kevin Frymire, Dan Schulman and David Laros explain how companies can embrace launch agility.
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David Laros Identifies the Keys to Personalized Marketing Success in 2021

To succeed with personalized marketing, pharma companies must commit at the enterprise level and enable analytics, processes and platforms. How can pharmaceutical companies develop this enterprise commitment to personalized marketing in 2021? Vice President of Digital Strategy, Analytics, and Insights David Laros outlines four keys to success in a recent article with Med Ad News.
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