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David Laros Identifies the Keys to Personalized Marketing Success in 2021

To succeed with personalized marketing, pharma companies must commit at the enterprise level and enable analytics, processes and platforms. How can pharmaceutical companies develop this enterprise commitment to personalized marketing in 2021? Vice President of Digital Strategy, Analytics, and Insights David Laros outlines four keys to success in a recent article with Med Ad News.
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Dan Wetherill on using analytics to boost patient compliance

Patient compliance has become a more acute challenge during the coronavirus pandemic. In this article in Pharmaceutical Executive, Beghou Consulting Partner Dan Wetherill explains how biopharmaceutical companies can play a significant role in improving patient compliance by leveraging their advanced analytics capabilities and increasing collaboration with caregivers.
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Piotr Kula on how to overcome pharma’s data overload

Life sciences companies are faced with overwhelming amounts of data. As they seek to organize, manage and extract insights from this data, a cross-functional team can help better execute data strategy, ensure compliance and meet analytics goals. Associate Partner Piotr Kula describes in PM360 how to address this data overload.
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