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Rohit Gupta on how Web3 could transform health care

By unbundling technology infrastructure and governance (through a protocol layer like blockchain), Web3 promises to usher in a shift away from tech monopolies and a winner-takes-all competitive landscape. In Pharmaceutical Executive, Rohit Gupta discusses how biopharma companies can put themselves in position to capitalize as Web3 matures and its impact is more fully realized across health care.
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David Laros on next-gen patient support

To unlock the full potential of emerging next-gen patient support tools, pharmaceutical companies must recognize the crucial role advanced analytics plays in facilitating enhanced patient engagement that yields improved adherence. David Laros describes the keys to success in Pharmaceutical Commerce.
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Rohit Gupta on the Oracle-Cerner deal and its impact on health care

Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner is the latest attempt by Big Tech to make waves in the health care industry. The deal has the potential to impact the user experience of health care professionals and facilitate improved data analysis of electronic health records, though obstacles still remain for widespread data exchange. Rohit Gupta explores potential impacts of the deal in Pharmaceutical Executive.
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