Combine innovative technology with sophisticated data-mining methods. Glean insights from health care professional and patient behavior that will make your sales and marketing efforts more effective.

Enhance your understanding with advanced analytics

Analytical models play an integral role across your commercial operations. Master them to supercharge your efforts.

To properly size your sales force, segment customers and develop call plans for individual field sales representatives, you need very specific insights available only via advanced analytical methods. These methods are as diverse as your roster of targeted health care professionals. That’s why Beghou Consulting, with its more than two decades of experience working on life sciences commercial issues, can be a valuable partner. Beghou’s custom analytical models address your most pressing business questions – no matter if you’re launching a new therapy or revamping the commercial strategy for a mature product.

Analytics inform long-term sales and marketing strategies

Beghou mines your data for answers that help you determine whether the local sole practitioner is more likely to prescribe your product than the physician affiliated with the biggest health network in the region, why patients in northern Michigan don’t fill prescriptions for your product as reliably as patients in South Florida, and more.

Business analysis

The first step in a successful analytics strategy is for the commercial team to determine the business challenges it aims to solve. Beghou’s seasoned team of experts helps you ask the right questions to identify your overarching goals. Beghou then builds analytical models to achieve those goals.

Data sourcing 

Companies today have innumerable data options from a wide range of sources: transaction-level claims data, affiliations data, patient-level data from electronic health records. Data is the source material of advanced analytics, so Beghou helps you identify the data most relevant to your goals.


Once you generate valuable insights, it’s important to convert those insights into action. You need to adjust commercial strategies and call plans accordingly, and then properly explain changes – and the underlying analytics – to the sales team.  Only then can you ensure the new tactics take hold across the organization.

Analytical modeling

Model development starts with creating data segments to analyze and selecting the right analytics techniques to deploy. For instance, will a clustering analysis provide the answers you need? Or, do you need to turn to more sophisticated machine learning models to analyze your largest sets of patient data? Beghou helps you answer these questions.

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Go deeper with advanced analytics

Drawing on the knowledge gained from its work with emerging and established life sciences companies, Beghou consultants help you make the most effective commercial decisions. In the end, you’ll deploy your sales force more efficiently and target customers more effectively.

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