Leverage powerful business intelligence tools to dig deeply into your data and uncover commercial insights that help you improve decision-making and boost product performance.

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Learn more from your data than ever before

Beghou Consulting knows how to help you make the most of your business intelligence investment

When used properly, today’s business intelligence tools wield enormous computing power. They can help a field sales representative spot a change in a physician’s prescribing habits or allow a sales manager to find the underlying cause of a shift in a region’s performance. Beghou experts draw on decades of experience to help you leverage business intelligence technology for maximum impact.

Get more intelligence with a comprehensive set of services

Data management

Beghou consultants help you identify the data you need, organize it properly and integrate it into your business intelligence tool. These efforts accelerate analysis and field reporting.

Report Design

In addition to building the data foundation for your business intelligence tool, Beghou designs front-end views that are intuitive and flexible, so users can easily see the most relevant data and insights.


Your views should be both easy to navigate and visually appealing. Beghou’s user interface design professionals create custom templates and logos to help you brand your business intelligence tool.

Performance optimization

By maximizing the performance of your business intelligence tool, Beghou ensures your sales team enjoys fast load times, which helps them maximize the insights they can uncover with the tool.

Data and cloud security

Beghou consultants ensure data and content security by properly constructing the business intelligence tool’s back-end architecture, leveraging secure cloud infrastructure and implementing security features like single sign-on.

Project management

Beghou works with all your key stakeholders to ensure alignment on goals, solicit ongoing feedback and make necessary improvements – all while keeping the project on schedule.

Tap life sciences expertise to boost business intelligence ROI


Beghou consultants support business intelligence tool implementations from A to Z in the life sciences industry


Beghou consultants are skilled business intelligence technology practitioners. But they’re also experienced life sciences experts who appreciate the unique data needs, commercial processes and challenges in the industry.

Select the right platform


There are many powerful business intelligence tools on the market today. Beghou can draw on its industry experience to help you identify the right one for your life sciences-specific needs.

Ensure data compliance


Life sciences data is unique, and you must handle it carefully to avoid misleading insights. And some of it comes with strict rules that govern how you can share it. Beghou helps you navigate these intricacies.

Create robust reports


Beghou helps you use your business intelligence tool to generate a wide mix of reports – from tracking the patient journey to summarizing sales force productivity.

Want to uncover new insights from your data?

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