For more than 25 years, life sciences firms of all sizes have trusted Beghou Consulting.  The firm leverages its team’s diverse set of skills and experiences to deploy creative and innovative solutions that help you improve all facets of your sales and marketing efforts.

Beghou Consulting calls on industry knowledge, data analytics skills and technical proficiency to help you tackle everything from aggregating and integrating commercial data about a dermatology drug to successfully launching a breakthrough oncology therapy. The Beghou team serves as your experienced guide throughout the commercial process and equips you with technical tools and data-driven insights that drive sustained success in an ever-changing market.

Beghou Consultants are:

Life Sciences Experts

Beghou consultants are 100 percent focused on life sciences. They know the industry’s unique complexities and challenges. Beghou understands the intricacies of formulary placement as well as the nuances involved in balancing sales territories. With this industry expertise in your corner, you can face your commercial challenges with confidence.

Skilled data practitioners

Beghou has a deep bench of data scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the life sciences industry. The team has a firm grasp of available patient-level and physician-level data sources and leverages this knowledge to ensure you acquire the right data – and then properly organize, manage and analyze it to generate actionable insights.

Innovative technologists

Beghou offers proprietary technology that supports everything from territory alignment to incentive compensation reporting, allowing you to take control of your data so you can more easily store, organize and share it across your commercial operations. Using Beghou’s technology, you can equip your team with performance-boosting knowledge.

Trusted strategic advisers

Building on the firm’s expertise in data analytics and technology, Beghou consultants also guide you from a strategic perspective, helping you make sound decisions on all facets of your sales and marketing plans. Beghou consultants understand the intricacies of the health care marketplace and can help you address your most vexing strategic challenges.


Our Approach

Built over decades of work in the industry, Beghou Consulting’s approach to solving life sciences companies’ commercial challenges is consistent, proven and always based on sophisticated data analysis.

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