Be You @ Beghou

Get to know our people – what makes them unique, what drives them and how they thrive at Beghou!

60 Seconds With Kyle Mauch

Associate Manager Kyle Mauch joined Beghou Consulting’s Evanston office in 2011 before transferring to its newly opened New York office in 2014. Kyle enjoys exploring the Big Apple, staying connected with his colleagues in other offices and seeing how his work at Beghou directly impacts life sciences companies and the patients they serve.
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60 Seconds With Lauren Clarke

Lauren Clarke is a senior consultant in Beghou Consulting’s New York City office and has worked at the firm for nearly five years. Lauren shares what it’s like to work at Beghou – from finding inspiration and building camaraderie with her colleagues to how she maximizes her productivity.
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60 Seconds With Tina Zhao

Tina Zhao joined Beghou Consulting’s Evanston office in 2014 after earning her bachelor’s degree in economics, one of the many different fields of study among her peers at Beghou. Now a senior consultant, Tina shares insight into her diverse range of client work, what to watch on Netflix and why she wants to spend a day at Hogwarts.
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60 Seconds With Piotr Kula

Piotr Kula joined Beghou Consulting’s Emeryville office as an analyst in 2010, and over the past nine years has worked his way to associate partner. An expert in data analytics, Piotr helped Beghou launch its cloud-based analytics platform, ARMADA. Learn about Piotr’s experiences at Beghou – from playing board games with colleagues to his most rewarding client engagement.
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60 Seconds With Lani Chun

Lani Chun is a senior consultant in Beghou’s Washington, DC, office. She joined the firm in 2015 after earning her doctorate in biology. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, rock climbing and picking up new skills to build her career at Beghou.
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60 Seconds With Melissa McDevitt

Having joined Beghou Consulting in 2008 after completing her doctorate at Northwestern, Melissa McDevitt leads the firm’s Durham, North Carolina, office as an associate partner. From empowering female colleagues to helping a client launch its first product, Melissa shares her experience working at Beghou.
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