Data is the foundation of your commercial activities. From aggregation to integration and analysis, Beghou can help you get more insights faster from data.

Draw better conclusions from richer, more organized data

Commercial success for life sciences companies depends on data. It’s important to acquire the right data and organize and analyze it properly to gain the insights you need.

Without the right data, a life sciences company will lack the information it must have to successfully execute its commercial strategies. Comprehensive and well-organized data are essential when it comes to identifying your highest-value customers, designing your sales force, creating motivating incentive compensation plans, and building accurate, useful field reports. Beghou Consulting has helped life sciences companies identify, manage and analyze data for more than two decades. Drawing on this experience, Beghou’s team can help you develop and execute a comprehensive data strategy that will serve as a strong base for all your commercial activities.

A time-tested data management process

Beghou Consulting can manage your end-to-end data needs – from identifying which data to collect to integrating diverse data sources to pulling insights from detailed analysis. Beghou’s experts have a deep understanding of data in the life sciences industry and can guide you to ensure you properly use that data to maximize product success.

Data collection and governance

Beghou helps you explore the universe of available data – everything from patient-level claims to open payments – and determine which data will best help support the product portfolio. Then, Beghou helps you create a clear data governance strategy that fully accounts for your commercial needs while maintaining quality control.

Aggregation and

All the data in the world means little if it isn’t properly organized. Beghou aggregates data from various sources and in different formats – and then integrates it into your technology systems so it’s accessible and easy to use. This effort facilitates the analyses that drives your commercial decisions.



Using advanced analytical techniques, Beghou Consulting digs into your data and helps you uncover insights about customer characteristics and behavior, as well as competitive trends. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to make informed commercial decisions on everything from customer targeting to incentive compensation plan design with confidence.

Ongoing optimization

Changes in the marketplace are inevitable. New entrants encroach. Physician acceptance surprises. So, you must always be prepared to adjust your commercial strategy. Beghou builds agility into all its data projects, giving you the ability to leverage your data to get answers to new questions so you can continuously fine-tune efforts.

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Capitalize on deep data expertise to improve competitive insights

Proper insights from data can mean the difference between bust and blockbuster. Beghou leverages its experience working with emerging and established life sciences companies to offer comprehensive data solutions.

Data processing

Life sciences companies utilize data from a variety of sources. Beghou consultants help you properly process and integrate all your data so it is ready for rigorous analysis.

Customer master development

You need a single, comprehensive and accurate profile for every customer in your database. Beghou helps you develop this customer master so you can analyze customer data with confidence.

Data warehousing

It’s important to consolidate your data into a reliable, organized architecture. Beghou experts build data warehouses that provide commercial teams with a single source of truth.



Data presentation

Beghou experts create dashboard reports that provide actionable insights. Beghou understands the necessary structure, contents and metrics of reports and can automate dashboards, track utilization and include metrics tailored to different audiences. 


Affiliation management

Life sciences commercial teams must understand complex customer hierarchies. Beghou experts use data and field intelligence to accurately align customers, their reporting relationships and their affiliations.


Third-party application integration

Beghou helps life sciences companies integrate data sources with third-party tools and applications – such as customer relationship management systems – to provide a complete and accurate view of sales, customers and field activities.


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