Consulting Services

Beghou offers a comprehensive set of consulting services built on decades of experience helping life sciences companies address commercial challenges.

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Transform your commercial operations with a full suite of services


Beghou Consulting’s experienced strategic and technical advisers help you address your end-to-end commercial needs. Beghou consultants are skilled at assessing market challenges and deploying advanced analytical techniques to uncover insights from data and identify untapped opportunities for your sales teams. With Beghou’s talented and versatile professionals in your corner, you’ll be able to maximize your sales efforts.

Sales Force Design


Using advanced data analytics, Beghou consultants help you create a blueprint for your sales force size and deployment to ensure you maximize the return on your sales force investment.

Sales Force Segmentation
& Targeting


Beghou Consulting deploys proprietary technology and advanced data analytics to help you balance territories, gain a detailed understanding of your customer universe and build a successful sales game plan.



With the reliable forecast models Beghou helps you build, you can better understand the return on your marketing investment and determine how product lines must perform for you to hit revenue goals.

Incentive Compensation


Drive consistent results with a properly motivated sales team. Beghou consultants can build plans from scratch or help you administer and optimize existing incentive compensation plans.

Data Solutions


Beghou consultants are experienced data scientists and engineers who can help you identify, aggregate and properly manage your data, so it’s ready for in-depth analysis.

Advanced Analytics


Deploying advanced analytical techniques, including machine learning models, Beghou consultants uncover important insights from your data that help you steadily improve your commercial strategy.

Commercial Operations support

From performing ad hoc data analysis to assisting with report development to offering ongoing advisory support, Beghou consultants are valuable resources who extend and strengthen your commercial team.


Beghou consultants help you capitalize on the full potential of your data by strategically conducting and rigorously analyzing primary research to develop and test hypotheses. You’ll end up with market insights that drive commercial improvements.