ARMADA – Adaptable, Resilient, Multiprocessing Architecture for Data Analytics – gives life sciences companies the ability to rapidly ingest, integrate and analyze large volumes of data. All in a single, cloud-based platform.

Deploy a Centralized Platform for data analytics

Manage all your data across the brand lifecycle, including commercial data, medical data, market access data, and more. Maintain compliance and visibility and unlock valuable insights.

In a user-friendly interface, upload and refresh large data sets, apply business rules to accelerate report delivery, track in real time all aspects of your data processing, and proactively uncover problems before they impact end users.

Deploy advanced analytical techniques – including machine learning – within ARMADA. The platform brings analytics and data together to help you uncover new insights. 

Enjoy flexibility in how you execute your analytics. Take advantage of ARMADA’s library of built-in algorithms and models or bring your own analytical models. 

No matter how big or complex your data deliveries are, ARMADA can handle any volume and variety of data. And the platform operates at the speed of your data refreshes, giving you a consistently up-to-date view into your data. 

The Beghou team supports the entire data lifecycle, from staging to reporting to user training to ongoing support. Tap the team’s deep life sciences domain knowledge and data science expertise to make the most of ARMADA. 


By helping life sciences companies improve data quality and transparency, ARMADA facilitates key enhancements to their commercial efforts. 


Using ARMADA’s parallel processing and advanced algorithms, users can run scenarios – related to everything from sales force realignments to payouts – to determine the best course of action.


With organized data and a user-friendly interface, users can eliminate siloes and combine data from a variety of sources to uncover a 360-degree patient view.


The foundation of an omnichannel effort is clean, organized and accurate data. ARMADA’s ability to process and analyze rich data sources enables users to uncover actionable insights that drive action and engagement.


Data quality is non-negotiable. ARMADA has built-in data quality checks. And users have visibility into those checks to understand everything that’s happening with their data. That way, you can have confidence in your data and can focus on generating insights and driving action.

Armada™ quality manager

Leverage standardized processes and systematic checks to ensure data quality. View every action Beghou has taken to maintain data cleanliness.  

Beghou helps:

  • Set up each data source coming into the platform 
  • Add automated checks to each data field 
  • Set alerts for any improperly formatted data 
  • Conduct downstream logic checks 

You can:

  • View checks by day, by data type and by check type 
  • Understand what data is passing and failing the quality check rule 
  • Identify issues with specific vendors 
query workbench

Use the built-in query workbench for data modeling and to run ad hoc analysis on your data.   

  • Browse, query and analyze your data with the built-in AI assistant
  • See every table in one, comprehensive workbench
  • Filter and create custom views in a spreadsheet-like interface
  • Run if-then scenarios
  • Upload and connect to external data assets
monitoring portal

Use this self-service portal to monitor all data integrations and ensure your data is flowing seamlessly into the platform.  

  • See all jobs running in one view 
  • Monitor for any issues or failures 
  • Review run history 
  • View status of input data sources  


One platform, built on  deep domain expertise 

When you implement ARMADA, you not only gain access to a powerful and configurable platform, but also to Beghou’s team of seasoned technologists, data scientists and life sciences experts. Our full-service approach includes data staging, report setup, cataloguing, user training, and ongoing platform improvements.

Technology: modular architecture
End-to-End: self-reliant, proactive team
Transparency: access to all your data
Collaboration: seamless internal and external integration
Safety: data quality and security are paramount
Consistency: maintain team from development to production
Flexibility: deploy in Beghou’s cloud or your own
Cross-functional: expertise spanning data and analytics
Beghou has built AI features into ARMADA to help life sciences teams increase efficiency and improve data governance, discovery and quality.
  • Automated, maintainable data catalog
  • LLM-based natural language querying
  • AI-powered visualizations engine
  • AI fuzzy matching algorithm
Our team is continuously building out AI-enabled features and expanding ARMADA with new tools and capabilities. Learn more about our AI expertise here.
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ARMADA allows life sciences companies to manage and integrate myriad data sources, all on one powerful platform. The platform has built-in connectors and business rules available for more than 100 industry data sources. Beghou has experience working with nearly all SPs, Hubs, distributors, and 3PLs, and works closely with RWD and RWE vendors.

The life sciences industry has access to more data than ever before – from electronic health records, health apps, Hub/SP/3PL data, and more. To truly leverage this data, companies must knock down siloes and centralize processes. ARMADA helps organize and manage data to help commercial, medical and market access teams collaborate and generate more meaningful insights, while incorporating key security features to maintain compliance.
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