Beghou Consulting implements both proprietary and third-party technology solutions to help life sciences companies better manage and share commercial data – and successfully execute commercial strategies.

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Technology expertise for the life sciences industry


With Beghou Consulting, you have access to expert technologists who are steeped in the life sciences industry. Beghou consultants understand your unique commercial challenges and are equipped to manage and analyze complex industry data. Working closely with your commercial team, Beghou ensures technology fits seamlessly into your operations and enhances your sales and marketing efforts.


Command your data with Beghou’s cloud-based data analytics platform. Manage large data sets, visually track data processing and perform advanced analytics to uncover insights that help you improve your commercial operations.

Business Intelligence


From organizing back-end data to designing front-end views, Beghou helps you optimize your business intelligence platforms to account for the nuances of life sciences data and generate useful commercial insights.



Beghou’s proprietary, cloud-based application platform can serve as your one-stop shop for customer management, affiliations management, account planning and more. Use Mainsail to share important data and insights with your commercial team.


Forecasting efforts are often hindered by the limits of spreadsheet-based technology. We built Mainsail Forecast, a powerful, cloud-based forecasting platform, to help life sciences companies perform complex calculations, enhance collaboration and develop more accurate forecasts.

Meridian Alignment Suite


Beghou consultants leverage the company’s proprietary and intuitive technology platform to help you build balanced sales territories, deploy your sales force efficiently, address changing market conditions and maximize commercial performance.