Primary research – integrated with secondary research and combined with Beghou’s unparalleled industry expertise – equips life sciences companies to better understand their markets and customers, measure performance and manage resources.

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To devise an effective commercial strategy, you must understand what health care professionals value. Marketing research provides the insights you need to improve commercial operations.

Commercial operations teams must understand market opportunity, patient flow, attitudinal segmentation, awareness and brand perception. These ingredients are crucial to accurate forecasting, targeting, segmentation, messaging and call planning. But simply purchasing data won’t give you what you need. Beghou’s marketing research team conducts interviews with and surveys physicians, payers and patients, then integrates this primary data with secondary data – such as prescription and claims data – to deliver qualitative and quantitative insights that improve your decision-making and commercial efforts.

Improve market and customer
understanding with a thorough research process

Marketing research is complex and involves many moving pieces. To properly aggregate and analyze all relevant data points, you need data analytics skills combined with life sciences industry expertise. Beghou consultants draw on decades of experience in both categories to deliver marketing research you can trust and then help you translate the results of the research into commercial action.

Situation Analysis and Market Assessment

Beghou integrates various data sources, including primary marketing research, to conduct a detailed situation analysis. Using advanced analytics, Beghou maps out the customer journey to better understand your market, target customers, unmet needs and access potential. This analysis equips you to create an accurate forecast of your products’ potential performance.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Beghou consultants help you identify your target customers, determine how to reach them, and establish messages that will resonate with them by conducting interviews and surveys that reveal customers’ attitudes toward treatment, your brand and products. Beghou consultants then analyze this research alongside additional data sources, such as prescription data.

Implementation and Monitoring

To understand how your product is performing and assess awareness, usage, brand equity, and message effectiveness, Beghou conducts tracking surveys that measure everything from attitudes, trial, and usage to message recall. The team then applies advanced analytics to uncover latent attributes and refine your strategy and tactics during launch.

Analysis and Reporting

A marketing research project will inform and impact your entire commercial strategy. Therefore, findings must be clear and relevant – the opposite of a data dump. When Beghou delivers its findings, it presents a storyline of data-based findings and ties all analysis back to your overarching business objectives.

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Beghou consultants customize each marketing research project to address clients’ various commercial needs. To do so successfully, the team draws on a wide variety of tactics to gain a 360-degree view of physician, payer and patient activities.

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