Life sciences companies must account for many variables to create and execute effective commercial strategies. A reliable forecast model helps you set and achieve key objectives.

Chart a clear path to success

Every company has goals, but many don’t know precisely how they’ll reach them. That’s where an accurate forecast model can make the difference.

Beghou Consulting develops detailed and accurate forecast models that allow you to understand how product lines and markets must perform in order for you to reach your overall revenue goals. These insights help you determine everything from how many biologics the market can accept to how well a new direct-to-consumer marketing campaign needs to perform to justify its cost. Accurate forecasts will pay dividends throughout your commercial operations. They help you properly size your sales force, set realistic territory-level goals so your incentive compensation plan effectively motivates field sales representatives, and more.

Forecast models that answer your toughest questions

From predicting overall revenue to understanding the tiniest details about patient behavior, Beghou Consulting can build forecast models that meet all your short- and long-range planning needs. By building in all relevant assumptions, Beghou’s forecast models allow you to prepare for different market outcomes and answer your toughest questions related to commercial strategy.

Market analysis

Beghou gains a comprehensive understanding of your market environment by analyzing market research and helping you acquire the most relevant physician- and patient-level data. Then, Beghou helps you identify the key questions and assumptions that will underpin your model.

Model Development

Beghou can deploy a wide mix of forecast model types to help life sciences companies better understand their commercial potential and set the right goals. With a comprehensive understanding of your needs and challenges, Beghou designs a custom forecast model to address your most pressing commercial questions.

Prototype review and refinement

Once Beghou builds your forecast model, its team works with you to test it under various scenarios and assess results. Before implementation, Beghou will revise assumptions and tweak and optimize the model, as needed. Then, you can deploy it with confidence and leverage it to craft a plan to meet your commercial goals.


You may want a forecast model your internal team can use to generate calculations. Or you may want Beghou’s forecasting experts available to continually update and optimize the model. Whatever your needs, Beghou ensures you have comprehensive forecast modeling capabilities on hand to support your commercial efforts.

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Capitalize on a robust set of modeling capabilities

With decades of experience developing forecast models for life sciences organizations – at all stages of commercialization – Beghou knows the ins and outs of a wide range of model types and creates custom approaches for each client.

Long-range planning

Forecast models must account for product lifecycles that can last years. Beghou builds models that allow you to assess how commercial activities and market events could impact revenue in the long term.

Latest estimate modeling

Beghou builds models to help you measure performance in the short term, track progress on key performance indicators and project outcomes based on your current trajectory.

Forecast scenario analysis

After confirming assumptions and building a model, Beghou tests a wide variety of scenarios – from new competitors entering the market to unexpected formulary changes.



Patient dynamics modeling

How likely is a patient to return to therapy? And, if that happens, how long will she remain in treatment? Beghou helps you determine the likelihood of various patient scenarios.



Probability modeling

Beghou digs into the data and builds models to help you determine the probabilities of various outcomes related to health care professional or patient behavior.



Market segmentation

Beghou segments health care professionals by categories such as specialty, practice setting or market potential. It segments patients by demographic and clinical categories. This segmentation facilitates in-depth market analysis.

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