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Improve your commercial efforts with a properly sized and organized sales force that reaches your most valuable customers.

Construct a sturdy sales force architecture to maximize efficiency

A life sciences company must properly size, structure and align its sales force to drive sustained commercial results.

How many field sales representatives does a life sciences company need to effectively promote a new orphan drug? Where should a company place its sales teams to generate the best results for its latest dermatology product? Commercial leaders must be confident in the answers to these questions to ensure they make the most of every dollar spent on product sales and marketing. Beghou Consulting combines quantitative modeling with strategic analysis to identify your highest value customers, assess how these customers respond to promotion, and help you decide on the optimal sales force size, structure and alignment.

A comprehensive, customized process
to design your sales force

With decades of experience helping life sciences companies solve commercial challenges, Beghou consultants dig beneath the numbers and analyze market conditions to help you design a successful sales force. In the end, a properly constructed and deployed team will help you get the most from your commercial activities.

Market analysis

Beghou consultants kick off every sales force design project by immersing themselves in a client’s data, product portfolio and competitive environment. By accounting for your product forecasts and financial assumptions, Beghou creates the foundation on which it builds your sales force.

Sales Force Sizing

Beghou’s sales experts analyze your market, assign values to customers and determine their responsiveness to promotion, all in an effort to provide a detailed sizing recommendation. Then, Beghou helps you determine the number of field sales representatives you need to successfully reach your customer universe.

Sales Force Structure

Your sales force is more than your field sales representatives. It also includes key account managers, thought leader liaisons and others. Beghou determines the proper mix and size of these different teams. Additionally, Beghou helps you ensure these various roles work in concert in support of company goals.

Sales Force Alignment

After you settle on the size and structure of your sales force, figuring out where to place your field sales representatives is no simple task. Beghou takes into account everything from travel logistics to prescriber habits to ensure team members have balanced workloads and opportunities in their territories.

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Full-scale analysis helps you optimize your sales force

During every sales force design project, Beghou’s sales experts perform a wide range of analyses to understand your customers and competitive environment. In the end, this thorough process ensures you deploy a sales force that’s appropriately sized and distributed – and generates results.

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