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Knock down the walls of the data warehouse

Today, life sciences commercial teams must process, organize and analyze more data than ever before. Traditionally, data warehouses were the linchpins of companies’ data management efforts. But the data warehouse of the past won’t cut it anymore. In this white paper, we describe how a life sciences company can build a robust enterprise data platform that drives commercial success.
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Stay Afloat in a Sea of Technology

Many life sciences companies find themselves drowning in a sea of technology that fails to deliver a meaningful return on investment. In this white paper, we describe how companies can create a technology ecosystem that enables and enhances the work of users across the commercial organization.
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Rewrite the Sales Force Design Playbook for CAR T Therapies

Like a coach following last year’s game plan to prepare for this year’s championship, life sciences commercial operations leaders – especially those with previous roles at established pharmaceutical companies – may be tempted to deploy their last sales force design strategy on their next product launch. If that therapy is CAR T, commercial operations leaders need to create a whole new game plan. In this white paper we’ll discuss the keys to sales force design for CAR T therapies and describe how they differ from the strategy behind sales force design for traditional therapies.
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A Product Launch Road Map: Drive with Data

Life sciences companies spend years researching, developing and testing therapies that offer exciting new possibilities for treatment. But it’s often the launch – that short time frame between R&D and product uptake – that determines whether the therapy will fly or flop. This white paper outlines how data-driven commercial operations help ensure long-term commercial success.
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As targeting analytics take center stage, keep complexity behind the curtain

Life sciences commercial leaders must capitalize on the wealth of data available today – as well as powerful advanced analytical techniques – to design segmentation and targeting plans that drive sales. At the same time, they must maximize sales rep acceptance of these plans. Read this white paper to learn how a life sciences company can create effective targeting plans that field sales representatives embrace.
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Deploy machine learning to boost customer targeting efforts

The convergence of increasingly rich data and advanced analytical methods has propelled the use of machine learning forward in the life sciences industry. Machine learning can be especially beneficial when it comes to developing customer targeting plans. Read this white paper to learn how commercial leaders can use machine learning to enhance their targeting efforts.
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