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Read the latest news from Beghou Consulting, as well as our experts’ views on trends and challenges in the life sciences industry.

Esin Izat on using marketing research to inform brand stories

The brand story is an essential component of product launch, informing everything from go-to-market strategy to color schemes and logos. It can also successfully position a product in a competitive marketplace. Manager Esin Izat, leader of our marketing research practice, describes in PharmaVOICE how to use marketing research to craft compelling brand stories.
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Jon Hesby, Kevin Frymire and Rob Lien on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

While pharmaceutical commercial teams navigating the COVID-19 pandemic don’t face the same life-or-death decisions the Apollo 13 team did 50 years ago, they are still responding to rapidly evolving circumstances in an uncertain environment. In Med Ad News, Partner Jon Hesby and Associate Partners Kevin Frymire and Rob Lien share three lessons from the Apollo 13 story that can help pharma companies today.
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Beghou Consulting announces integrations of Mainsail™, ARMADA™ platforms with MedPro Systems’ database

In a move to further improve data quality and commercial decisions in the life sciences industry, Beghou Consulting has partnered with MedPro Systems, a leading health care industry database. The partnership provides users of Beghou’s Mainsail™ and ARMADA™ technology solutions access to 25 million health care practitioner and organization records and enhances functionality of their master data management solutions, enabling life sciences companies to review, add and validate health care data directly within Beghou’s platforms.
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