Beghou Consulting’s sales force deployment tool maximizes efficiency using advanced modeling

A new suite of products developed by pharmaceutical sales and marketing consulting firm Beghou Consulting helps companies determine effective territory HQ locations, territory designs and sales force deployments. The new tool, called Meridian™, uses proprietary algorithms to create recommendations for territory locations and allows users to visually explore a broad mix of scenarios and identify the most productive, highest quality alignments.  

“Our teams constantly draw on their experiences and client engagements to develop tools that address sales and marketing issues faced by life sciences companies at all stages of a product’s lifecycle,” said Chris Berg, a Beghou partner who led the Meridian suite development. “This innovative, easy-to-use tool leads our consultants and clients to the most successful sales force deployments possible.” 

Built on Google Maps and grounded in Beghou Consulting’s 30-plus years advising top pharma companies of all sizes and stages, Meridian’s interactive visualization blends the firm’s extensive knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate recommendations and complete alignments for many alternative scenarios.

The Beghou Meridian suite – Meridian Blueprint, Meridian Balance and Meridian Map – allows a company’s commercial team to more clearly visualize its sales force strategy:

  • Meridian Blueprint: Uses advanced algorithms to determine the optimal sales force geographic deployment across markets;
  • Meridian Balance: Defines optimal territory configurations to maximize coverage of key customers; and
  • Meridian Map: Determines optimal sales force allocation and allows for quick adjustments to accommodate changing market conditions using visualizations.

“Meridian provides commercial teams a comprehensive view of their territory alignment and allows for on-the-spot adjustments to incorporate field and management insights,” said Holly May, vice president and head of marketing and sales at Sobi, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to rare diseases. “Using this intuitive solution as part of our engagement helped us quickly address several sales force optimization challenges and build in quality control.”

Specialty simulations for emerging pharma

Combined with Beghou’s experience aligning hundreds of thousands of territories, Meridian ensures efficient territory and sales force allocation by creating benchmark data via simulations. Whether a pharmaceutical company plans to hire 25 sales representatives or 2,000, the tool will determine their appropriate geographical locations.

“Meridian allows emerging pharma companies to analyze and view sales force deployment scenarios far ahead of the actual product launch,” said Berg. “It allows these firms to effectively explore scenarios and communicate their sales force strategy to internal and external stakeholders. Meridian brings an improvement in commercial operations effectiveness by increasing the accuracy of their deployments. It’s a clear competitive advantage in sales force design.”

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About Beghou Consulting 
Founded in 1993, Beghou Consulting specializes in helping life sciences companies – especially emerging pharma companies – establish and manage commercial operations to better market and sell therapies. Deploying advanced analytics and proprietary technology, Beghou consultants have provided strategic counsel to the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, supporting some since infancy. Headquartered in Evanston, Ill., the firm has six offices and employs more than 150 professionals around the world. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.