Maximize Commercial Success At Launch
With decades of experience working with emerging and established life sciences companies to launch products across therapeutic areas, Beghou Consulting can help you prepare your entire commercial operations for the complex and intense launch process.
Organize, manage and learn from data
Data is the commercial foundation of a life sciences company. How you manage it can be the difference between bust and blockbuster.
Optimize sales force structure and performance
Your sales force is on the front lines of your commercial operations. Structure it properly to effectively reach target customers and generate results.
Manage ongoing commercial operations
Your sales and marketing efforts are complex and multifaceted – and must constantly evolve to address new market conditions. That’s why you need comprehensive support from proven life sciences experts.
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Improving commercial efforts aimed at health systems
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Tap deep expertise in life
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For more than 25 years, Beghou Consulting has been a trusted adviser to life sciences firms.

From helping an emerging pharmaceutical company develop a segmentation and targeting strategy for its first product launch to administering a Big Pharma company’s incentive compensation plan, Beghou consultants help life sciences companies address all their sales and marketing challenges. The firm combines its strategic consulting services with proprietary technology to develop custom, data-driven solutions that allow life sciences companies to take their commercial operations to new heights.

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Beghou consultants bring life sciences industry experience and deep strategic and technical knowledge to every project. They deploy a comprehensive set of consulting services to help you maximize results from your commercial operations.

Technology services
that provide
data-driven solutions

Beghou deploys proprietary and third-party technology solutions to help life sciences companies leverage their data to drive sound commercial decisions. From reporting to territory alignment to business intelligence, Beghou technology services help companies throughout the commercial lifecycle.

With Beghou’s cloud-based data analytics platform, you can handle the massive amounts of data in the life sciences industry. Process, manage and analyze data in a single platform to speed commercial insights.

Faced with ever-larger and more complex volumes of data, life sciences commercial teams need a central portal for data management and analysis. ARMADA, which is built on Apache Spark™ with Databricks, offers next-generation processing power and was developed by Beghou exclusively for the life sciences industry. The platform gives companies control over their data operations and allows them to view data processing in real time and deploy advanced analytics like machine learning.

Beghou’s proprietary, cloud-based platform allows you to efficiently collect and organize data, manage customer and affiliations information, create sales reports, plan account strategy, and more.

Life sciences companies need an efficient way to collect, organize and share customer and sales data. That means not relying on spreadsheets and emails. Beghou built Mainsail, an easy-to-use SaaS platform, to give field sales representatives and commercial operations leaders access to consolidated and accurate data and information – right at their fingertips. Using Mainsail, commercial teams can uncover key insights and improve targeting and reporting efforts. 

Built on Google Maps, Beghou’s proprietary suite of
intuitive alignment tools helps you design
balanced territories that provide your sales force
the best chance of success.

Life sciences companies need to ensure field sales representatives have a close-to-equal workload and chance of success in their territories. But trying to assess this manually is nearly impossible. That’s why Beghou built Meridian. The alignment suite leverages proprietary algorithms to give commercial leaders a quantitative view of the mix of sales opportunities and call volumes in individual territories. Users can then use this information to realign and balance territories.

Business Intelligence

Beghou helps you get the most out of business intelligence tools by slicing and dicing your data to uncover new insights about product performance, customer behavior and sales force activity.
Business intelligence technology is powerful and, if leveraged correctly, can help life sciences field sales representatives and commercial leaders get answers to some of their most complex questions. From helping firms properly organize their data to designing front-end visualizations to training users, Beghou consultants are business intelligence experts who manage A to Z deployments. With Beghou’s help, life sciences commercial teams can uncover actionable insights.

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