Omnichannel orchestration
Next-best action capabilities are key enablers of robust omnichannel promotion efforts. Learn how commercial leaders can take the next-best action engine out of its black box and embed two-way engagement with reps.
A powerful field portal
Break through the limits of traditional CRM platforms and create a hub for your end-to-end field efforts. Mainsail CRM can be a team's home for field coaching reports, medical info request management, account planning and much more.
Launch Success
Emerging pharma commercial teams face pressure to do more with less as they seek to build momentum for their therapies. Learn how we used artificial intelligence to perform sentiment analysis and craft a more precise pre-launch targeting strategy for an oncology company.
Start your career journey
Advance your career at Beghou Consulting. Join a collaborative, creative team that develops innovative commercial solutions for life sciences companies of all sizes.
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Beghou consultants bring life sciences industry experience and deep strategic and technical knowledge to every project. Our experts deploy a comprehensive set of consulting services to help you maximize results from your commercial operations.

Execution and analytics

Technical Services enhance and empower your team

Beghou’s team of technical experts turn ideas and planning into elegant solutions tailored to your business needs. By connecting data sources across your organization we can provide actionable analytics dashboards to help you identify and capitalize on opportunities. 


Technology platforms
provide data-driven solutions

Beghou deploys proprietary and third-party technology solutions to help life sciences companies leverage their data to drive sound commercial decisions. From reporting to territory alignment to business intelligence, Beghou technology services help companies throughout the commercial lifecycle. 

About Beghou Consulting

Tap deep expertise in life
sciences sales and marketing

For more than 25 years, Beghou Consulting has been a trusted adviser to life sciences firms.

From helping an emerging pharmaceutical company develop a segmentation and targeting strategy for its first product launch to administering a Big Pharma company’s incentive compensation plan, Beghou consultants help life sciences companies address all their sales and marketing challenges. The firm combines its strategic consulting services with proprietary technology to develop custom, data-driven solutions that allow life sciences companies to take their commercial operations to new heights.

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Read the latest news from Beghou Consulting, as well as our experts’ insights on trends and challenges in the life sciences industry.

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