Cloud-based solution from Beghou Consulting helps life sciences companies develop more robust forecasts

EVANSTON, Ill. – Dec. 2, 2020 – Life sciences consulting firm Beghou Consulting has developed a cloud-based forecasting platform that enables life sciences users to perform complex calculations related to treatment regimens, patient flows, lines of therapy and more. The solution, Mainsail™ Forecast, enables commercial teams to move beyond computational limitations of spreadsheet-based models and build more sophisticated and robust forecasts.

“Spreadsheet-based models run into trouble as calculations become increasingly complex,” said Dan Schulman, associate partner at Beghou Consulting. “But complexity is an inherent part of the forecasting process for life sciences commercial teams. With Mainsail Forecast, we’ve created a platform with the computational horsepower to conduct thousands of interconnected calculations and build more accurate forecasts.”

Mainsail Forecast scales as companies add users, explore new indications and expand into new markets. Multiple users securely interact with the application at the same time, adjusting assumptions and testing scenarios without altering the official forecast. Built on our modern technology platforms, Mainsail and ARMADA™, the solution leverages the processing power of the cloud to perform Monte Carlo simulations and aggregate forecasts across product portfolios, countries and indications.

“Many life sciences companies that rely on spreadsheet-based forecast models struggle to accommodate the increasing complexities of their therapies and the additional inputs associated with growing teams,” Schulman said. “Mainsail Forecast enables commercial teams to keep up with the evolving nature of drug commercialization after spreadsheet-based models fail. Our solution harnesses the latest technology to help companies develop more accurate forecasts and achieve their commercial goals.”

Built with open data architecture, Mainsail Forecast integrates with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and PowerBI to present forecasts in engaging ways. Commercial teams can boost their capabilities by adding Mainsail modules, such as sales reporting, goal setting and incentive compensation calculations. The solution can also plug in cutting-edge forecasting functions from Python’s data science library and integrate sophisticated curve-fitting techniques.

To learn more about Mainsail Forecast or request a demonstration, visit /mainsail-forecast.

About Beghou Consulting

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