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Dan Schulman addresses key considerations in orphan drug commercialization

Orphan drugs are different than mass-market therapies — and so is their commercial strategy. Orphan drug manufacturers should engage patients throughout research, development and commercialization — and hire specialized sales forces market the therapy to the most relevant physicians. Associate Partner Dan Schulman describes in Med Ad News the steps orphan drug manufacturers can take to ensure their life-saving treatments reach patients as quickly as possible.
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Esin Izat and Rob Lien on navigating the patient journey to inform commercial operations

An orphan drug manufacturer should follow the patient journey to account for various scenarios in the product’s forecast — from delays in therapy starts to patient compliance and retention. Associate Partner Rob Lien and Manager Esin Izat describe in Pharmaceutical Commerce how detailed analysis and marketing research can help life sciences companies overcome these challenges and contribute to commercial success.
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Dan Wetherill and Janardhan Vellore on how to “get ahead of scripts”

A life sciences company needs to rely on more than historical prescription volume to ensure product success in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Partner Dan Wetherill and Vice President Janardhan Vellore describe in Pharmaceutical Executive how life sciences companies can proactively increase the breadth and depth of prescriptions to propel brand performance.
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As targeting analytics take center stage, keep complexity behind the curtain

Life sciences commercial leaders must capitalize on the wealth of data available today – as well as powerful advanced analytical techniques – to design segmentation and targeting plans that drive sales. At the same time, they must maximize sales rep acceptance of these plans. Read this white paper to learn how a life sciences company can create effective targeting plans that field sales representatives embrace.
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Take our 10-min. survey on orphan drug commercialization

This survey, which should only take 10 minutes to complete, will evaluate life sciences companies’ commercial activities, priorities and challenges related to orphan drugs. If you help in the commercialization of orphan drugs, please consider completing this survey. Your participation will help us generate robust and comprehensive insights on industry trends and challenges, which we’ll then summarize and share in a report.
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